Season Two Opener

Celebration and Happy Hour

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1 year ago today, we started a pretty awkward live video. One year later, we’ve done everything from awkward to inspiring. From Drunk Tuba Players that become legends like Carl Webster, to former Citrix CEO Mark Templeton getting honest about his life and times at a $3 Billion company.   We even tried a reaction video to Linus Tech Tips’ Secret Shopper that has become suddenly very popular.

In the Season Two opener, we disucss our Season One favorite moments and lessons learned.  Esther Barthel, one of our favorite people and great fan, joins us and welcomes us back.  Do not miss the hilarity that ensues when DJ offers her a gift near the end! 

Featured in this Episode

After a break,  DJ and Jeff are back and celebrating the beginning of Season 2.

Favorite moments – coming soon



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