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We are Passionate About Seeing You THRIVE in IT!

On April 30th 2020, D.J. Eshelman and Jeff Pitsch began a YouTube Series called THRIVEcast, giving their thoughts and interviewing IT Industry titans focusing on career and life. From field engineers to CEOs – everyone has a story to tell that teaches us all a little more about what is important in life – and how to be successful.

We are now expanding to include more strategic and fun content. We’re excited to have you join us!

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Featured Episodes and Guests

Episode #50: Ruben Spruijt on finding Balance in IT, Family, and Motorcycles

The love keeps pouring in from the #Netherlands – and today’s guest has contributed an amazing amount to the technology world… but has hard and fast rules about balancing his family and personal life with work that you need to hear!
Wondering about the motorcycle? So are we

Episode #48: Rory Monaghan of 5 Bytes Podcast

Rory does more than just read the week’s IT news on his 5 Bytes podcast ( ). He’s been a #Citrix CTA, and CTP, #Microsoft MVP, #VMware vExpert, EUC Champion, and EUC Insider.
He is very well known for his work in application packaging as well as working in Healthcare IT. He’s spent time living in the US (in Arizona) as well as his current home in Ireland.

Episode #45: RickD is a Citrix OG

Rick Dehlinger is regarded by many as one of the founding fathers of the Citrix community. Some consider his “Installation and Tuning Tips for Citrix MetaFrame” work a major contributor to the evolution of the Desktop Virtualization landscap.

THRIVEcast Season Two Opening Celebration & Happy Hour

D.J. Eshelman and Jeff Pitsch are not in fact dead. WE WERE ON A BREAK!

Leave IT Better Than You Found It with Mark Templeton

Former President & CEO of Citrix (aka #EUC​ legend and an original #CitrixHero​) Mark Templeton joins us to talk his career progression and how Leaving the World Better Than We Found It became a core value at Citrix.

Online Learning

Learn from Real Experts

One thing has been glaringly obvious in our discussions – just learning about how to implement technology is not good enough to advance your career. Employers and Customers expect more. At THRIVE-IT we focus on four key areas:

  • Mastery (skillsets)
  • Mindset (motivation and attitude)
  • Methods (soft skills)
  • Mentoring

It is our pleasure to announce the formation of our online learning platform at

There you will be able to access cohort, self-paced, and workshop based learning for a growing number of career development tracks – starting with D.J.’s renowned Courses on Applied Methodology based on his book Just Do THIS.

If you are interested in learning Citrix skillsets – check out our sister site CTX.Academy.

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We have a lot of great things coming – but for now there are a few key areas to follow what we’re up to:


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We are working behind the scenes to launch a private community of our own. For a small monthly or yearly fee, you’ll be able to support our YouTube and other channel efforts, and access a community of people dedicated to seeing each other Thrive in IT.
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Our Team

We are passionate about your success because of our own.

Our Mission is to Leave the World Better than we Found It – and to equip others to do the same. In Information Technology – this means for us to not only inspire with the stories of others but our own. We have served in IT since the 1990s – needless to say we’ve learned quite a bit and are willing to pass on what we’ve learned!

D.J. Eshelman

Head Coach and Founder

D.J. is the author of Just Do THIS and Be a Citrix Hero. A former Citrix Technology Advocate, he served Citrix Consulting Services for 10 years leading projects and training new consultants.

Jeff Pitsch

Co-Host & Sales Engineer Instructor

Jeff has over 25 years of IT experience and has worked with a host of companies in both engineering and sales capacities. He was one of the first Citrix Technology Professionals

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