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Amazon Deals for Your Lab and Life

Amazon Deals for Your Lab and Life

It is Prime Day 2021 and we thought we'd give some highlighted items with an IT twist! Our focus is going to be on deals for building your home lab... but there may be some others we highlight such as better working from home, etc. Here's why we're doing this: We...

Episode #48:  Rory Monaghan of 5 Bytes Podcast

Episode #48: Rory Monaghan of 5 Bytes Podcast

Rory does more than just read the week’s IT news on his 5 Bytes podcast ( ). He’s been a #Citrix CTA, and CTP, #Microsoft MVP, #VMware vExpert, EUC Champion, and EUC Insider.
He is very well known for his work in application packaging as well as working in Healthcare IT. He’s spent time living in the US (in Arizona) as well as his current home in Ireland.

Episode #45:  RickD is a Citrix OG

Episode #45: RickD is a Citrix OG

Rick Dehlinger is regarded by many as one of the founding fathers of the Citrix community. Some consider his “Installation and Tuning Tips for Citrix MetaFrame” work a major contributor to the evolution of the Desktop Virtualization landscap.



DJ Eshelman is proud to announce his third book: THE DOGE LIFE
Available for immediate download April 1st, 2021

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