D.J. Eshelman, author of “Be A Citrix Hero: Rescue Your Users from Poor Performance & Advance Your Career” and “Just Do THIS: A Simpler Way to Succeed in I.T.” is proud to announce his next project…

The DOGE Life book cover

Taking all Amazon Royalties earned in 2021, the author has invested in the dog-themed cryptocurrency “Dogecoin”. Due to recent gains, the author is now ready to reveal his new life… the DOGE LIFE!

No longer burdened with trouble tickets, service calls, or consulting travel – the DOGE LIFE has transformed the THRIVE-IT advocate into a life few could imagine. Travel to exotic locations, a paid off mortgage, and never working again (unless, of course, the mood strikes while on his new yacht in the Caribbean) are all just some examples of the DOGE LIFE.

Taking time away from live broadcasts in March, 2021, the author took the time to recount his secret newfound prosperity and is now making his strategy available to everyone:

Readers of THE DOGE LIFE will learn:

  • How Elon Musk changed the game
  • How to Leverage Other Currencies in favor of DOGE
  • When to Invest
  • When to Spend
  • How to set the kind of transaction fees that lead to the DOGE LIFE

The DOGE LIFE is available direct from THRIVE-IT.com – you'll also get 1 DOGE coin to get you started!

The DOGE LIFE is the life I've always dreamed of. After a discussion on cryptomining with Steve Greenberg, I knew I could do it. Thank you to all of you who have made this possible!

-DJ Eshelman


Yeah, of course this is an April Fools joke! For the record, I don't hold much DOGE in my cryptocurrency trading portfolio (no more than 1%) and I can't advise anyone to hold any of it specifically. DOGE was made from a joke in 2013 that for some reason still sticks around to this day. While I may someday outline my trading strategy – this would not be how I do it!

The truth is, we're just taking a break! I actually have written a draft for a new book – but it is too early to talk about that!

Okay, I feel a little bad.

So, until April 9th, 2021 – use the coupon code DOGE21 to get $15 off a personalized Hardcover edition of Just Do THIS!

composite image of Just Do THIS books