DJ in Milwaukee

Are you in the area? D.J. will be speaking at a Christian Business leaders event locally (keynote by Tim Tebow; if you're interested, see will be opportunities to gather and chat! Buy me coffee = free coaching session!

HIMSS – Orlando

(We're seeking more information on this - help us out!!)

EUC UNplugged

Sonder Manarch 4000 North Drinkwater Boulevard, Scottsdale, Arizona, United States

Formerly called EUC Masters Retreat, if we were to recommend going to just one event this year - this is it. This is an UNconference. That means that we don't have a set agenda. The people that show up vote on topics the first night, and those that are attending present those topics that got […]

E2EVC Madrid

Experts 2 Experts Virtual Conference is one of the ultimate rebel tech conferences, with a focus on EUC and related technologies (but not limited to them). When Alex gets me the link, we'll add it here ;-)

Cisco Live – Las Vegas

(Do we have these dates right? Anyone else have a registration link or any other info?)

VMware Explore

(WANTED: More info about this event! Submit what you have below!)

Know about an event going on that isn’t on our list?